Alfred Hitchcock directed some of the best thriller and early horror movies like The Birds, Psycho and Vertigo. These 3 movies are the most well known of Hitchcocks movies and can be found airing on classic movie channels even today.

Some may be put off by the fact that they are “old” or that they are in black and white but trust me Hitchcock movies are well worth the time watching. To try and persuade you I have uploaded a few Hitchcock movie trailers below. Hitchcock’s movie trailers for The Birds and Psycho take a different approach from other classic movie trailers and most modern movie trailers ( more movie trailers can be found here – Hitchcock speaks to audience and introduces the premise of the movie, instead of cutting to the chase and showing some of the good bits from there respective movies.

Psycho (1960) Theatrical Trailer – Alfred Hitchcock Movie

The Birds Official Trailer – Alfred Hitchcock Movie (1963) HD

Vertigo Official Trailer – (1958) HD

Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is arguably the creator of the thriller movie genre with his ability to create real suspense with his story telling. Hitchcock was born August 13 1899  in England and died April 28 1980. Hitchcock started his filmmaking career at the young age of 20 at Paramount’s Famous Players-Lasky film studio in London. This is […]