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Using LED Screen for an Outdoor Funtion

Setting LED
screens for an outdoor function 

Over the past few years, LED screens have
rapidly progressed from one of those items you put in a wish list to de rigeur
at festivals and music concerts. It has become a mainstay of modern
entertainment and is a must have equipment for presentation especially if you
are expecting a huge crowd.

One of
the big questions that event planners and organizers usually ask themselves is;
how will the audience be able to view the presentations/ concert?

Well, one of the most effective options is to
use LED screens. A high resolution LED
displays offers a lot more to any event, concert, venue or show than any other
kind of screen. The light generated by the LED screens gives the clearest displays
and highest resolutions. Since it is expensive to have LED screens installed
all over the venue, you can install the screen either in the middle or on the
sides of the stage depending on set pieces, corporate backdrop etcetera.

In the case of large events with over 20,000
people, you will need some delay screens. These are normally placed in the
middle i.e. between the back crowd and the stage to enable the fans at the back
to have a clear view. 

Outdoour LED Screens


LED screens are available in different
models, makes and styles, from high definition (HD) to standard definition (SD).
The standard definition screen usually has a size of 9 by 12ft while the high definition
one has a size range of 9 by 16ft to 19 by 26ft wide. They can either be a part
of the self-contained semi-trailer or can be free standing & flown from the
stage roof, structures etc. 

Assess and decide what size of screen you
want at the function then approach several vendors for pricing. You’ll be
amazed at the difference in prices between the different vendors. Also remember
to set aside enough funds to cater for extras that will be needed e.g. accommodation
for driver & Technician for the screen.

In most national events, there are usually
some permanently fixed LED video screens in strategic place above the stands, above
the field at festivals and concert, baseball games, basketball and football
games. All the different sizes of LED screens are available for hiring for a
day to month-long tours. There are several companies that rent Jumbotrons, LED wall
or LED screens based on your size definitions and requirements. The price
ranges from 4000 dollars to 20,000 dollars per day.

LED video

One key thing about having an LED video
screen that you should remember is that you’ll also require video production
gear to record the function i.e. switchers, cameras etc. as well as the technical
staff needed to run it. 

You can use the screen as a billboard for
playbacks for DVDs or videos during the break & when required. Your can
also use it for advertisement, keynote or PowerPoint presentation for the

In summary, LED screen rental Chicago can be used to add
value to fans experience & enhance atmosphere, offer promotional &
entertainment opportunities between acts as well as offering broadcast and full
event production solution. Additionally, you can use flown or mobile LED
screens for stage sides especially in cases of large crowds.

Music Festival Planning

At Alfred Hitchcock Fans, we love our movies; the only thing we love almost as much is our music! After talking to a friend recently about music festivals, I thought it would be a good idea to write about the best practices for planning a trip to a music festival. So, while this post won’t be about our favorite scary movies, we hope you will still enjoy!

It’s not just seeing your favorite bands and hearing their music makes a music festival exciting, camping is part of the fun too. And making the most out of the experience requires planning. That being said, in this article we’re going to give you ideas on how to plan and prepare before going to the campsite, help you choose the best outdoor tent or party tent, and the 5 tips and important things to do once you’re already in the venue. After reading the information provided, you’ll have the know-how for you to enjoy every minute of your music festival experience.

Planning and Before Going Preparations

Buy Tickets Early – Some music festivals can sell out even months before. There’s no point planning if you’ll end up not being able to attend. Secure your tickets as early as possible.

Research – Do your best to know as much as you can. If there’s an available website for the details of the music festival make sure to check it out. Some questions you may have can be answered through the website, such as parking lots, campsite, and other logistics. Knowing where to park your car will help you determine if it will be necessary for you to bring large backpack, rolling cooler, and wheeled cart if the parking lot is far from the actual campsite.

To Buy or Bring Food – Bringing food will help you save a lot of cash than buying from a food vendor at the campsite. However, to keep things simple and hassle-free, pack food for breakfast and snacks only, and buy lunch and dinner from a vendor.

Campsite Cooking – You can bring 2-burner camp stove if you want to do a lot of cooking. But if you only want hot water, then a compact backpacking stove would be sufficient. Camp kitchen, tables and chairs are great for organizing and for comfort. Kitchen and table are great for putting stoves, utensils, spices, pots and more.

Practice Setting the Tent – Prior to going, ensure that you have read the manual for setting up your tent. If you practice setting up the tent before you get to the campsite, it will be a breeze to set it up in the actual campsite.

Tip for the Best Outdoor Tent Rental or Party Tent Rental

Size – Determine how many people will be using the outdoor tent or party tent. If you’re planning to get a party tent ensure it has plenty of rooms for seating, food tables that maybe required in the campsite.

Choose a Party Tent with Canvas Floor – Since you’ll be setting it in an open land or grassy area, the canvas floor is imperative.

Affordability – Ensure that you’ll choose a party that is within your budget range. Once you’re in the tent rental company, don’t be afraid to tell them what your budget range is so that they can provide you several options. Last time I went to a music festival we used Find Me A Tent’s Ohio tent rentals and they ended up having a huge selection of affordable tents.

Ask for Assistance – Asking for assistance and recommendations from a staff working in the prospective rental company you’re planning to rent. This will ensure that the tent you’ll be renting is best suited for its purpose.

Tips Once You’re in the Campsite

Choose the Best Location Possible – Choose a location that’s near the bathrooms and near the stage. But not too close to the stage for you to have a bit of privacy and comfort.

Setup Camp First – Don’t immediately wander around checking out what’s in store. Ensure you’ve setup your camp first. You can focus on enjoyment later.

Ensure Tent Stability – Check every aspect of the tent to ensure it’s securely staked down even if you’re expecting pleasant weather. You don’t want to have a tent that will suddenly fly away if a heavy winds strike.

Mark Your Spot – There will be hundred or thousands of tents, make sure to put a flag, battery-power lights for recognizing your tent from the pool of tents. Recognizable landmarks near your tent can be helpful as well.

Guarantee Comfort – Bring thick sleeping pads, pillows, and blankets. Also, you may want to bring earplugs, music festival can get really crazy and loud, so if you want to have some sleep, a pair of earplugs can be a great help.


Attending music festivals are definitely an experience that can give you memories that bring smiles in your face if you think about it. That being said, to ensure you make the most of it ensure you’ve planned and prepared before going, find the best tent to rent, and make sure to follow the 5 tips and to do’s provided in this article once you’re already in the campsite.

How to Learn Music Online


Learning music is a useful and enlightening skill that can benefit you throughout your life. Whether you want to learn just for the fun of it, acquire a new hobby, or reach a higher, more professional level, it’s a skill that takes a lot of time and dedication. Regular lessons can be expensive, inconvenient, or just time consuming when you factor in getting there and back. Let’s discuss how to learn music online, and possibly trim the cost, or make it work so the times are better for you.

YouTube is often a highly underutilized resource, when it comes to music education. Sure, people visit the site to see funny and entertaining videos, but did you know there are tons of how-to videos on there as well? Using YouTube, you can search for your desired instrument, and find lessons. Assuming you already have the instrument on hand, you’re able to get started on learning how to play almost immediately.

Choosing to learn via YouTube is great. If you have trouble, there’s the added benefit of being able to play that particular video over and over again. Also, you are able to progress on to the next lesson when it’s right for you Best of all, these lessons are free, with often nothing more than having to deal with a 30-second commercial to watch before your lesson begins.

When you look at how to learn music online with YouTube, though, there are some disadvantages. First is the possibility that there are not any lessons, or limited lessons available for your chosen instrument. (At the very least, if lessons exist, you can get started using YouTube, and then move on to having a live teacher.) There’s also the fact that you don’t get personal critiquing of your playing, and suggestions on how to improve. You also can’t ask questions, but, since the Internet is so full of information, it’s possible you can find the answer online yourself. It’s up to you whether the pros outweigh the cons when choosing to learn with YouTube videos.

Did you know that you can take lessons online with a real-life person? If videos aren’t your thing, then there are various ways to get in contact with someone who is willing to teach you over the Internet. Usually you’ll use a program such as Skype, where you can take lessons via webcarn. A simple search such as “music lessons online” can lead you to sites that offer this service. You can find someone who can teach you on your time, while being able to remain at home. Unlike learning using a video, having a person right there with you allows for you to receive one-on-one instruction, complete with comments on what you’re doing right and wrong. It also allows for you to ask questions, and get immediate answers from an experienced player.

The downside to having an actual person teaching you through a personalized lesson, is the cost. Most people don’t teach for free, so you’ll be putting some sort of monetary contribution toward learning to play. This could still be cheaper than taking lessons locally, however.

Another suggestion, when looking for a way of how to learn music online, is just to do an online search. Using meaningful terms such as the name of the instrument, and things like “technique”, “fingerings”, “tips”, and “lessons” will bring up a variety of useful sites that will offer information, but not necessarily videos. This is also a great way to learn the basics of reading sheet music and its various symbols and markings.

With the Internet, the skills and information you can now acquire with a few clicks of a button, and some time, is amazing. Music can easily be learned through the substantial number of educational videos, websites, and people out there that can help you. With the right choice, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your musical goals in no time This truly is an incredibly convenient and economical way to learn.

Best Jazz Music

alfred-hitchcock-movies 4

Jazz is considered as the music of the mind, body and soul. It has been considered music for upscale dinner settings, for a classroom environment and the intellectuals generally. So whether jazz is good or bad, that is about the listener. This music is considered the least attractive if you go by the album sales yearly. Jazz music from this perspective is intuitive in nature leaving its audiences with a variety of effect in their inner souls.

Qualifications for the best jazz music include; The ability to allow personal connection of the listener to the music.

Whether it is fast or slow, the beats should in their uttermost ability to create a link with the audience. Link created should be with their day to day experiences, their attitudes their feelings and their whole being. I know this the ability of every genre of music but jazz and its class should focus on this. The music should draw from life experiences. To connect with someone you have to understand their life experiences from deep down. The best jazz music should allow for that.

The best jazz music-Generally has its peaceful and quiet nature include bringing into it surprising melodies and very intricate harmonies that are quite good for the mind. Which get the listener to generally falling in love with jazz as you don’t know what to expect after a beat. The music relies heavily on the performer to be considered the best. The musician isn’t just a musician but an unusual artist, a composer whose sole purpose is to compose music spontaneously and whose performance affect his listeners just as the music does. The performer has the ability to qualify the best jazz music.

The uniqueness of a particular jazz music relies on the creativity of the instrument players. Great jazz demands tremendous and technical ability because its players re-invent half of the beats spontaneously.

The best jazz music should allow for analysis because of it authenticity. This fact is dependent on its content from the message to its performance. Whether it has real qualifications jazz music and not to be confused with other genres of music.

The call and response aspect of any jazz music qualify it to be the best. If by any chance the call and response are highly memorable and are easy for the listeners to grasp makes it much better for the music. It also ensures that there is a connection between the audience and the performer. It also ensure that there is an interaction between the performer and the audience that is mandatory for any successful performance.