Best Jazz Music

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Jazz is considered as the music of the mind, body and soul. It has been considered music for upscale dinner settings, for a classroom environment and the intellectuals generally. So whether jazz is good or bad, that is about the listener. This music is considered the least attractive if you go by the album sales yearly. Jazz music from this perspective is intuitive in nature leaving its audiences with a variety of effect in their inner souls.

Qualifications for the best jazz music include; The ability to allow personal connection of the listener to the music.

Whether it is fast or slow, the beats should in their uttermost ability to create a link with the audience. Link created should be with their day to day experiences, their attitudes their feelings and their whole being. I know this the ability of every genre of music but jazz and its class should focus on this. The music should draw from life experiences. To connect with someone you have to understand their life experiences from deep down. The best jazz music should allow for that.

The best jazz music-Generally has its peaceful and quiet nature include bringing into it surprising melodies and very intricate harmonies that are quite good for the mind. Which get the listener to generally falling in love with jazz as you don’t know what to expect after a beat. The music relies heavily on the performer to be considered the best. The musician isn’t just a musician but an unusual artist, a composer whose sole purpose is to compose music spontaneously and whose performance affect his listeners just as the music does. The performer has the ability to qualify the best jazz music.

The uniqueness of a particular jazz music relies on the creativity of the instrument players. Great jazz demands tremendous and technical ability because its players re-invent half of the beats spontaneously.

The best jazz music should allow for analysis because of it authenticity. This fact is dependent on its content from the message to its performance. Whether it has real qualifications jazz music and not to be confused with other genres of music.

The call and response aspect of any jazz music qualify it to be the best. If by any chance the call and response are highly memorable and are easy for the listeners to grasp makes it much better for the music. It also ensures that there is a connection between the audience and the performer. It also ensure that there is an interaction between the performer and the audience that is mandatory for any successful performance.