How to Learn Music Online


Learning music is a useful and enlightening skill that can benefit you throughout your life. Whether you want to learn just for the fun of it, acquire a new hobby, or reach a higher, more professional level, it’s a skill that takes a lot of time and dedication. Regular lessons can be expensive, inconvenient, or just time consuming when you factor in getting there and back. Let’s discuss how to learn music online, and possibly trim the cost, or make it work so the times are better for you.

YouTube is often a highly underutilized resource, when it comes to music education. Sure, people visit the site to see funny and entertaining videos, but did you know there are tons of how-to videos on there as well? Using YouTube, you can search for your desired instrument, and find lessons. Assuming you already have the instrument on hand, you’re able to get started on learning how to play almost immediately.

Choosing to learn via YouTube is great. If you have trouble, there’s the added benefit of being able to play that particular video over and over again. Also, you are able to progress on to the next lesson when it’s right for you Best of all, these lessons are free, with often nothing more than having to deal with a 30-second commercial to watch before your lesson begins.

When you look at how to learn music online with YouTube, though, there are some disadvantages. First is the possibility that there are not any lessons, or limited lessons available for your chosen instrument. (At the very least, if lessons exist, you can get started using YouTube, and then move on to having a live teacher.) There’s also the fact that you don’t get personal critiquing of your playing, and suggestions on how to improve. You also can’t ask questions, but, since the Internet is so full of information, it’s possible you can find the answer online yourself. It’s up to you whether the pros outweigh the cons when choosing to learn with YouTube videos.

Did you know that you can take lessons online with a real-life person? If videos aren’t your thing, then there are various ways to get in contact with someone who is willing to teach you over the Internet. Usually you’ll use a program such as Skype, where you can take lessons via webcarn. A simple search such as “music lessons online” can lead you to sites that offer this service. You can find someone who can teach you on your time, while being able to remain at home. Unlike learning using a video, having a person right there with you allows for you to receive one-on-one instruction, complete with comments on what you’re doing right and wrong. It also allows for you to ask questions, and get immediate answers from an experienced player.

The downside to having an actual person teaching you through a personalized lesson, is the cost. Most people don’t teach for free, so you’ll be putting some sort of monetary contribution toward learning to play. This could still be cheaper than taking lessons locally, however.

Another suggestion, when looking for a way of how to learn music online, is just to do an online search. Using meaningful terms such as the name of the instrument, and things like “technique”, “fingerings”, “tips”, and “lessons” will bring up a variety of useful sites that will offer information, but not necessarily videos. This is also a great way to learn the basics of reading sheet music and its various symbols and markings.

With the Internet, the skills and information you can now acquire with a few clicks of a button, and some time, is amazing. Music can easily be learned through the substantial number of educational videos, websites, and people out there that can help you. With the right choice, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your musical goals in no time This truly is an incredibly convenient and economical way to learn.