Using LED Screen for an Outdoor Funtion

Setting LED
screens for an outdoor function 

Over the past few years, LED screens have
rapidly progressed from one of those items you put in a wish list to de rigeur
at festivals and music concerts. It has become a mainstay of modern
entertainment and is a must have equipment for presentation especially if you
are expecting a huge crowd.

One of
the big questions that event planners and organizers usually ask themselves is;
how will the audience be able to view the presentations/ concert?

Well, one of the most effective options is to
use LED screens. A high resolution LED
displays offers a lot more to any event, concert, venue or show than any other
kind of screen. The light generated by the LED screens gives the clearest displays
and highest resolutions. Since it is expensive to have LED screens installed
all over the venue, you can install the screen either in the middle or on the
sides of the stage depending on set pieces, corporate backdrop etcetera.

In the case of large events with over 20,000
people, you will need some delay screens. These are normally placed in the
middle i.e. between the back crowd and the stage to enable the fans at the back
to have a clear view. 

Outdoour LED Screens


LED screens are available in different
models, makes and styles, from high definition (HD) to standard definition (SD).
The standard definition screen usually has a size of 9 by 12ft while the high definition
one has a size range of 9 by 16ft to 19 by 26ft wide. They can either be a part
of the self-contained semi-trailer or can be free standing & flown from the
stage roof, structures etc. 

Assess and decide what size of screen you
want at the function then approach several vendors for pricing. You’ll be
amazed at the difference in prices between the different vendors. Also remember
to set aside enough funds to cater for extras that will be needed e.g. accommodation
for driver & Technician for the screen.

In most national events, there are usually
some permanently fixed LED video screens in strategic place above the stands, above
the field at festivals and concert, baseball games, basketball and football
games. All the different sizes of LED screens are available for hiring for a
day to month-long tours. There are several companies that rent Jumbotrons, LED wall
or LED screens based on your size definitions and requirements. The price
ranges from 4000 dollars to 20,000 dollars per day.

LED video

One key thing about having an LED video
screen that you should remember is that you’ll also require video production
gear to record the function i.e. switchers, cameras etc. as well as the technical
staff needed to run it. 

You can use the screen as a billboard for
playbacks for DVDs or videos during the break & when required. Your can
also use it for advertisement, keynote or PowerPoint presentation for the

In summary, LED screen rental Chicago can be used to add
value to fans experience & enhance atmosphere, offer promotional &
entertainment opportunities between acts as well as offering broadcast and full
event production solution. Additionally, you can use flown or mobile LED
screens for stage sides especially in cases of large crowds.